Set of 2 Cloche Hoops – Large

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These simple hoops are used to transform a 95cm wide piece of PVC roofing sheet (not included but available at B&Q diy stores) into a handy cloche. The hoops are slid onto the PVC sheet for instant protection for vegetables during colder seasons. The hoops can also be used to edge a path or as low plant supports in a flower border when not being used as a cloche.

The hoops maybe supplied as plain steel (just made) which will develop a beautiful rust coating very quickly, or in various stages of rust patina according to the date of manufacture.

Design registered with the Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Intellectual Property Office. Registration number 6049030

Sold in pairs

Size: 53cm wide x 60.5cm in height.

Actual height of the finished cloche is 36cm.